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Jun 28, 2023

Welcome to the latest episode of Conf T with your SE, hosted by Bryan Young and Tom Porto. In this insightful episode, we welcomed the delightfully eloquent British guest, Paul Jones, to discuss an ever-pervading issue in today's tech landscape - email security.

  1. To kick off the discussion, we dove into why email security remains a significant concern today, despite advancements in tech. It turns out, email is still the number one attack vector.

  2. We explored the evolution of email security, shifting from gateway devices to our cutting-edge cloud-based API-driven email security solution.

  3. This transformation begs the question - is the era of the email gateway over?

  4. We learned about ETD (Email Threat Detection) - a powerful email security tool fortified by AI. What's the secret sauce behind its efficacy?

  5. Paul shared some fascinating insights into the history of ETD, tracing its roots and growth.

  6. The conversation navigated towards Microsoft's email security. Is it sufficient, or should users look elsewhere?

  7. We learned about heuristic engines and their role in email security. These engines analyze message content, the number of recipients, and included links to identify malicious messages.

  8. The use of search capabilities to locate and take action on messages within your environment was another enlightening segment.

  9. Aside from tech, we got a sneak peek into Paul's passion - woodworking. Check out his exquisite craftsmanship at

This episode was a deep dive into the nuances of email security, its importance, and the future of email protection tools. Tune in and get to know more about the world of cybersecurity.