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Apr 19, 2023

Welcome to the 50th episode of Conf T with your SE, where we deep-dive into the fascinating world of networking technologies and solutions! In this milestone episode, we're thrilled to have Ryan Harami, Meraki expert and three-time guest on the show, join our hosts Bryan Young and Tom Porto for a riveting discussion about the latest innovations in the Meraki ecosystem.
Together, they will explore Meraki Vision, a way to utilize AI and Machine Learning to gain additional insights as to what is being seen by Meraki cameras. Get insights into the Meraki Button, a customizable IoT device designed to streamline user experiences and enhance efficiency across various industries.
Stay tuned as Ryan also shares his expertise on the cutting-edge BLE e-ink displays, a versatile and energy-efficient solution that offers a myriad of applications in smart buildings, retail, and more. Finally, don't miss the segment on Catalyst Monitoring within the Meraki Dashboard, an essential tool for IT administrators looking to optimize network performance and troubleshoot issues effectively.
Join us for this special episode as we celebrate 50 episodes of Conf T with your SE, and get inspired by the powerful and innovative solutions that Meraki has to offer!
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