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"Conf T with your SE" is a trailblazing podcast designed specifically for the tech-savvy listener. Launched in 2019, it brings together thought leaders, experts, and enthusiasts in the world of technology to spark insightful discussions, share industry trends, and tackle complex technical concepts in an accessible and engaging way.

Hosted by seasoned systems engineer, Bryan Young, the show breaks down the barriers between the intricate world of computer networking and software and the everyday listener. Bryan's knack for simplifying complex concepts, paired with his infectious enthusiasm for the new and disruptive technology makes the podcast a hit among novices and experts alike.

The "Conf T with your SE" podcast dives deep into a wide array of topics, from the nitty-gritty of coding and algorithm design to the larger implications of technology on society. It also covers career guidance, industry trends, the latest research, and interviews with leading figures from tech giants to startup pioneers.

Listeners of "Conf T with your SE" not only gain a deeper understanding of the world of Information Technology but also get a chance to be part of a growing community that's passionate about learning, innovating, and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in tech.

Yet the dialogue doesn't end with the podcast! We invite listeners to join our growing Discord community at Here, you can extend the discussions, engage directly with Bryan and other listeners, and even suggest topics for forthcoming episodes. It's a place for learning, debating, networking, and experiencing the thrill of the ever-evolving tech industry.

Whether you're an experienced professional hunting for fresh insights, a student aspiring to carve out a career in the industry, or a tech enthusiast keen to grasp the world of systems engineering, "Conf T with your SE" caters to all. Tune in, participate in the Discord discourse, and be part of this enlightening voyage through the technological landscape!