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Oct 31, 2023

In this Halloween-themed episode, the hosts share several spooky and comical IT horror stories submitted by listeners. One mishap involved a prank wav file being mistakenly played on thousands of households. Another incident recounted a technician's struggle to fix power outages amid a tropical storm. Mistakes like wrong hard drive shipments and accidental data erasure are also shared. 

The speaker highlights the impact of network configuration errors and the importance of thorough double-checking. Lessons from various IT professionals are shared, including stories about wrong interface deletions, eerie experiences like a basement full of satanic symbols, close calls, and being trapped in an elevator. Other tales involve humorous incidents, near-death experiences, a hacking incident, and dealing with flash floods.

Data centers with outdated equipment and piles of wires, comical encounters like spilling beer on the boss, and intricate phone system repairs turned lawsuits are discussed. Finally, an intricate cable management disaster resulting in a severe power outage affecting thousands of people is shared. The speaker expresses gratitude, encourages listeners to connect on social media, and emphasizes the need to back up configurations.


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